With a 9:57.75 time in the 3,000 meter steeple­chase at the Portland Track Fes­tival on Sunday, rising senior Emily Oren came just 4.75 seconds short of auto­mat­i­cally qual­i­fying for the USA Track and Field Outdoor Cham­pi­onships.

Oren entered the race aiming for a time of 9:53 to guar­antee herself a spot at the national meet in Eugene, Oregon, in two weeks, but her time was only good enough for a second-place finish.

“I’m a little dis­ap­pointed,” Oren said after the race. “When I caught back up to the pack I settled a little bit too long and that’s what did me in, but it was a good expe­rience, and I’ve never raced at this level before so it was nice to get one under my belt at least.”

While Oren was unable to ensure herself a spot in the outdoor cham­pi­onships, she could still qualify for the meet.

“Nobody beat me that wasn’t already ahead of me on the list, so I might still make the meet,” she said. “We’re not sure.”

Oren needs some ath­letes ahead of her to not declare in order for her to qualify.

“I think if I get just one or two maybe that decide they don’t want to run it I’m in, which is really likely because a lot of college ath­letes don’t run it,” Oren said.

Tonight was the last night for ath­letes to meet the standard time to qualify for the outdoor cham­pi­onships. Oren said she thinks she’ll know whether she will qualify for the meet in a few days. If she doesn’t make it, she plans to take a break from training.

“If I make it into USA Nationals, I’ll do that, but oth­erwise I’ll just take a couple weeks off and then start training for cross-country.”

Cross-country season begins in Sep­tember, and Oren and her team­mates will look to improve on their second-place finish last season.

Update: Emily Oren was accepted into the USA Outdoor Track and Field Cham­pi­onships in Eugene, Oregon.