Sonic Schizophrenic (Elena Creed/Collegian)
Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic (Elena Creed/Collegian)
Holy Moses  (Elena Creed/Collegian)
Holy Moses (Elena Creed/Collegian)

The Student Activ­ities Board announced not one, but two winners of the Band Hero com­pe­tition yes­terday. The two bands will open Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza on April 25 after they agreed to share a backline for their per­for­mances.
Student bands Holy Moses and Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic took 30 percent and 24 percent of the student vote, respec­tively. Even though Holy Moses claimed more votes, Director of Student Activ­ities Anthony Manno said SAB wanted to give both bands a chance to perform.
“I think the margin was 11 – 13 votes, and we felt that was a small margin,” Manno said. “That’s why Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic will be opening the show fol­lowed by Holy Moses.”
Manno said the original plan involved only one student band per­forming at Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza, but SAB wanted to accom­modate both because “we didn’t want to com­promise one or the other band.”
“The initial agreement was one opening band. We have one stage and having three back­lines is a lot of stuff, and four is a mess,” Manno said. “Set changes take up to a half hour. What we worked out was we con­tacted both bands and said if you’re willing to share a backline, we’ll have both perform. That way the set change is minimal.”
A backline is the sound equipment used by bands during a stage per­for­mance — this includes ampli­fi­cation equipment and some­times drum sets, guitars, key­boards, and syn­the­sizers. Because back­lines can vary greatly between dif­ferent bands, for two bands to share a backline can be a risk.
“If you con­tract, you don’t share a backline,” Manno said. “You want to use your own amps and drum set because it sounds dif­ferent. So this is a big deal, but we’ll work it out.”
The members of Holy Moses said they would “coor­dinate for a speedy stage tran­sition.”
“And everyone should ask for an encore, because our encore is going to be awesome,” lead singer Ian Andrews ’14 said.
Holy Moses orig­i­nally formed in 2012 when Andrews watched senior band member Tim Allen play with the Pickled Beats.
“I saw Tim Allen when I was a sophomore playing with the Pickled Beats his freshman year, and I knew I had seen one of the best guitar players,” Ian Andrews said. “So I went up to him and said ‘Hey man, you’re really good, we should jam.’”
Bassist senior Mike Ragan joined Allen and Andrews to perform at Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza 2012, and Andrews’ brother freshman Aaron Andrews joined the band this year as the drummer.
“For both Aaron and I, it’s been a dream come true to be able to put together a rock band and play together,” Ian Andrews said. “He is one of the most inde­pendent people I know, and a better musician than me by far, so I think he won’t have any trouble putting a band together of his own after we leave.”
Ragan, whom Ian Andrews described as “the most beau­tiful member and the most easy­going,” said that while Allen and Ian Andrews have “remarkable talent,” per­forming outside Hillsdale will be an unful­filled dream for Holy Moses.
“It’s hard styl­is­ti­cally to come up with a venue in Hillsdale, and Ian’s all grad­uated and has a wife now and a job and a life, and the rest of us are all hard­working Hillsdale stu­dents,” Ragan said. “If we are going to go play outside of Hillsdale we’d have to write our own music and travel, on top of every­thing else we have going on. I believe we could be excellent if we had the time.”
“In another life, we could be a pro­fes­sional rock band,” Ian Andrews said.
Lead singer for Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic freshman Mark Naida said Sonic is honored to play with Holy Moses, which has won Battle of the Bands two years in a row.
“Whatever the vote count was, I feel honored to play with Holy Moses,” Naida said.
Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic is com­prised of six Phi Mu Alpha fra­ternity members and came together at this year’s Battle of the Bands, cov­ering what Naida described as “obscure tracks.”
“But people really liked it,” Naida said. “We were like a Red Hot Chili Peppers band. We thought Band Hero looked really cool and rebooted and came up with some cool songs to play. We had a lot bigger crowd and got a lot of our friends to show up.”
Naida said he is con­fident Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic will have a solid lineup of songs to perform next Sat­urday when the band opens for Holy Moses.
“We had our first rehearsal last night, and we were able to play five songs in an hour,” Naida said. “We pick things up pretty fast.”
Sonic Schiz­o­phrenic will perform at 7:15 p.m., fol­lowed by Holy Moses at 8 p.m., Chris Lane at 9 p.m., and Natalie Stovall at 10:30 p.m. on April 25 at Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza.

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