The future plans in the works, such as the chapel, dorm ren­o­va­tions, and new outdoor tennis courts, are only a portion of the administration’s plans for the future of Hillsdale’s campus.

The master plan, which includes all the projects the college hopes to even­tually accom­plish, includes ren­o­va­tions from the Knorr Student Center to near the Sports Complex. While these projects remain only ideas still, having not been fully archi­tec­turally mapped and designed and require funds not cur­rently in pos­session, Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Richard Péwé said, it will transform campus.

“It pro­vides an idea of what might ulti­mately happen and it gives us some­thing that can be pro­posed,” Péwé said. “Hillsdale College is a lifelong com­mitment. Stu­dents and alumni are always to be of service to the college, and the college is always there to help them and be a service to them. These buildings are a part of that. What we build affects the func­tioning and excel­lence of the campus, and it’s also crucial to the func­tioning and excel­lence of its out­reach pro­grams.”

The school plans to give Knorr a $5‑million ren­o­vation.

“We’ll have a colonnade or some­thing like a colonnade that would blend it in with the outside,” Péwé said.

In addition to the building’s aes­thetics, the outside space of Knorr will be updated. A fire­place will provide use of the outdoor area for all four seasons, according to Péwé, and the patios will be extended to create space behind Knorr and before the quad.

“There is the intention of beau­ti­fying the exterior and also ren­dering that area into giving it porch-like ele­ments that create com­fortable and appealing spaces that allow stu­dents to sit, study, and socialize,” Provost David Whalen said. “The stu­dents do a good job of squeezing as much use of the out­doors as they can. It might be nice to have extended semi-covered porch areas with the fire pits and seating.”

Both the inside and outside of Knorr will be ren­o­vated.

“We fixed it up to look more pre­sentable, but it’s still in a place that’s not on the reading,” Péwé said.

The space will hope­fully allow for net­working and closer com­mu­ni­cation between stu­dents and college vis­itors.

“We’ll be more visible,” Exec­utive Director of Career Ser­vices Michael Murray said. “The oppor­tunity to interact with stu­dents will increase just because they see you. There’s going to be a lot of increased traffic with Searle Center. It’ll help create a space for all the people that come to campus that they have a space to do business, and the stu­dents there, so natural rela­tion­ships can form.”

Péwé also hopes to include high-tech class­rooms pro­viding the capa­bil­ities for stu­dents to par­tic­ipate in events or classes taking place at the Kirby Center in Wash­ington, D.C., class­rooms and seminar rooms for mar­keting pre­sen­ta­tions and graduate classes, and room for the new radio station and program that launches in July.

Addi­tionally, the college hopes to increase its $4.5 million expansion of Philips Audi­torium from 340 ft. to 800 ft. Central Hall is scheduled to be ren­o­vated with a backside addition so as to be acces­sible from all sides.

“This pro­posed project brings every­thing together – Searle dining room, Phase II Audi­torium expansion, Knorr, Dow – into a com­pre­hensive plan,” Péwé said. “That’s the goal: they had a planned, every­thing looks like it was placed in the right spot. There’s a harmony. We try to make our archi­tecture beau­tiful that rep­re­sents what we were and are.”

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