A month ago, the Pre­amble Wine Company founded by alumnus Cody Ewers ’10 first appeared on Hillsdale County shelves at David’s Dolce Vita.

Manager Yvonne Fedrick dis­covered Ewers’ wine company while talking to his mother, Mary Ewers, at a wine tasting over Parents’ Weekend.

“She men­tioned her son made wine as well, and he was once a student at the college,” Fedrick said. “I thought, ‘Wow, I’d like to try those.’ It’s very good wine and it’s not stuff you’d find all the time.”

Since Ewers started the Pre­amble Wine Company in 2011, he’s added three wines to the brand: a sauvignon blanc, rose, and Cal­i­fornia red — all of which can be found at David’s Dolce Vita in downtown Hillsdale.

Ewers’ back­ground as a history major seeps into his vini­fi­cation pro­duction with its patriotic label and free copy of the U.S. Con­sti­tution handed out upon request with every bottle served.

Any college student with a student ID will receive 10 percent off a bottle of Ewers’ wine.

“We’re really excited to carry his wine in the store,” Fedrick said. “Not only because it’s good wine and comes from a small bou­tique winery, but because we’re rep­re­senting Hillsdale College and its idea of being a con­sti­tu­tional college.”