A few weeks ago Director of Student Activ­ities Anthony Manno dropped hints that there will be a sur­prise event this winter dealing with gin­ger­bread houses. The details are out: The first 10 teams of three that sign-up get to partake in the com­pe­tition, and it’s part of the Student Activ­ities Board’s push to explore new ideas and provide an enjoyable winter for Hillsdale College stu­dents.
Bon Appétit is sup­plying all of the gin­ger­bread-making mate­rials for the con­tes­tants, and the com­pe­tition will take place in A.J.’s Café this Friday.
“I really feel like this is what I was born to do, and why I was brought here to Hillsdale College,” junior Carson Burt said.

Hayden Park

After Friday, Bill Lundberg and SAB have a slew of activ­ities for peeps who dig the snow and peeps who prefer to stay indoors. For those who love the out­doors during the winter months, Bill Lundberg is offering cross-country skiing and snow­shoeing at Hayden Park. Stu­dents will also be able to ski and snowshoe with all new equipment pur­chased by the college.
“In the past it was so limited. We only had a few skis and four or five pairs of boots. You could only get a couple of people out at a time. Now, we have the potential for a large amount of people to get involved,” Lundberg said.
Not only is the quantity of equipment greater, the equipment is also very accom­modative. There are 14 dif­ferent sets of boots, with sizes ranging from size 6 in women’s to size 14 in men’s.
“We don’t want it to be a well-kept secret, “ Lundberg said.
The best way for stu­dents inter­ested in skiing or snow­shoeing to set up a time is to email Lundberg, who is at Hayden Park for much of the day.

Future SAB Winter Events

For those stu­dents not inter­ested in bearing the freezing cold of a Hillsdale winter, SAB is planning a number of indoor events. In the last couple of years, Win­terfest was one of the biggest events, but things are looking dif­ferent this year. Instead of Win­terfest, SAB is excited to introduce some­thing new and unique. There is also SAB Karaoke on Thursday nights once a month beginning in December, and SAB bowling and roller-skating.
This year, the annual ski trip will be on Jan. 31. Student Fed­er­ation has approved two buses to take a little over 100 stu­dents total. The cost will range from $30 – 35, which will cover the bus ride, rentals, and lift ticket. Over 100 stu­dents went last year, and this year stu­dents can re-live the expe­rience, or partake in it for the first time.
Unfor­tu­nately, the ice rink will not be insti­tuted this year, due to dif­fi­culties main­taining skateable ice outside in the Michigan winter.