Wednesday through Sat­urday, Nov. 19 through 22

The Mis­an­thrope, by Moliere

Tower Players Production

Wednesday through Sat­urday at 8 p.m., matinee Sat­urday at 2 p.m.

Markel Audi­torium

The classic comedy of manners and morals by the greatest French play­wright of them all. What’s the best way to get along in the rar­efied splendor of life in Louis the XIV’s Ver­sailles Palace? Should your policy be always to lie, or always to tell the truth? Or is it better to fall some­where in the uncom­fortable middle? Our pro­duction will ask the same ques­tions while being set in the world of the Wash­ington beltway 1%.


Friday, Nov. 21

The Hillcats

Hillsdale College Faculty Jazz Ensemble

McNamara Rehearsal Hall

8 p.m.

Hillsdale’s Faculty Jazz Ensemble per­forms the music of Joe Henderson.


Sat­urday, Nov. 22

Poet and the Beat

The His­toric Dawn Theater

8:30 p.m.

Rock, Pop and Blues: Poet & The Beat offer a little bit of every­thing! Stop in and check out some of Hills­dale’s finest musi­cians! Enjoy a warm atmos­phere and a huge dance floor!


Sunday, Nov. 23

The Rag­birds

Tibbits Opera House, Cold­water, Mich.

“It’s rare to hear some­thing new and exciting in the realm of folk/roots music, but the careful alchemists of The Rag­birds have given us just that,” wrote Bryan Rodgers of Home­grown Music Network


Every Sunday

“Hillsdale Roller Derby Dollz” practice

The Stadium Roller Rink

5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

$5 entry

We fight together (on the floor and life) as a league of extra­or­dinary women. When you’re out in the “normal world,” knowing some­where a gang of bad asses, unique, beau­tiful women absolutely has your back? Nobody can knock you down. Be your own Super Hero! Like our Fac­booke page at “Hillsdale Derby Dollz”

Wednesday, Nov. 26

Turkey Eye Celebration

by Tri State Entertainment

Broad Street Underground

9:30 p.m.



Senior Art Exhibit

Katherine Helmick and Maggy Smith

Daughtery Gallery

In this cap­stone exhibit, these grad­u­ating art majors present their best work from their under­graduate years.