When local author Dan Bisher walked into Broad Street Market on Oct. 16 to promote his new book, “Faded Mem­ories: Exam­i­nation & Pro­files of Hillsdale County’s Pioneer Period” he had 40 copies to sell. He left with only 7.

Broad Street Market hosted Bisher as part of Hillsdale’s Awesome Autumn fes­tiv­ities. Bisher, a native of Hillsdale, was there to promote and sign copies of his new book. “Faded Mem­ories,” a history of Hillsdale County, was pub­lished in August and offers “a glimpse of the lives and events expe­ri­enced by original set­tlers and Native Amer­icans,” according to the claims of its blurb, and inves­tigate stories such as the murky events sur­rounding the death of Chief Baw Beese, the Potawatomi Indian chief after whom Lake Baw Beese is named.

“Dan Bisher is a great friend of Broad Street Market; I love Dan and Noel,” Robert Socha, co-owner of Broad Street Market, said. “I love the book that he wrote, so we wanted to help him however he could. He wanted to come here during the Awesome Autumn event and chose to have his book signing here. It was really suc­cessful. He sold a lot of books and we were able to have a lot of people come in the market that might not have been here before. He was here about two and a half hours and a lot of people came in here to see him.”

Bisher said that his research on Chief Baw Beese was the most exciting part of the writing process, and that his research on the topic and the book itself was varied.

“The infor­mation came from a lot of dif­ferent sources: the National Archives at Chicago, the state archives in Lansing, Michigan at the Michigan His­torical Center, and the Mitchell Research Center here in Hillsdale,” Bisher said. “[Mitchell] is really one of the finest small research centers, espe­cially in Michigan. I’ve been to all the ones in the seven sur­rounding counties, but they are not nearly as com­plete and they don’t do nearly the kind of archiving that they do here in Hillsdale. It’s a very important depos­itory of the history of this county.”

A graduate from Cal­i­fornia State Uni­versity, Fullerton with a major in jour­nalism, Bisher said he wrote the book because of his interest in local history.

“It’s important for small com­mu­nities espe­cially to keep alive and vibrant the things that made this place happen,” Bisher said. “Who was it that started Hillsdale? What was here before the town? Before the college? I think that those things are important, espe­cially for young people. It’s important to have a real sense of roots.”

Bisher grew up in Hillsdale and attended Hillsdale High School, even­tually returning to the Midwest after college to work for the Hillsdale Daily News as a man­aging editor. After his time at the news­paper, he worked for Hillsdale College in Media Rela­tions as a writer. For five years he hosted the his­torical program “Tales of the Old Sauk Trail” on Hillsdale’s WCSR radio station, and now does web­casting for Charger home football games after spending three years as the assistant to the ath­letic director.

“Faded Mem­ories” is not the first book Bisher has written. He helped to write a book called “Dateline: Vietnam” because of his expe­rience as a U.S. Marine Corps combat cor­re­spondent, and in 2003 he pub­lished “History of the Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center,” a history of the local hos­pital in Hillsdale.

Bisher said that the time and effort that went into writing his most recent book was extensive and taxing because he was working on other things as he was writing it.

“It took the patience of a monk and the aggres­siveness of a warrior,” Bisher said. “Lots of times it would end up in a pile on the side of my desk for months at a time. I kept telling people that I was ‘writing a book’ but after ten or fifteen years of hearing that people start to stop believing you. So after 25 years I told myself ‘it’s time to publish it.’ The process of pub­lishing began in Feb­ruary and the book was pub­lished in August.”

However, Bisher said that all the work was worth­while.

“History is my real passion,” he said. “Writing just pays the bills.”

“Faded Mem­ories: Exam­i­nation & Pro­files of Hillsdale County’s Pioneer Period” is available to pur­chase for $32.95.