National Review’s roving cor­re­spondent Kevin D. Williamson will join the Hillsdale com­munity for nearly two weeks next semester to teach a one-credit course for the Dow Journalism’s Pulliam Fellows Program.

Williamson is the former director of the jour­nalism program at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason Uni­versity. Last year, he pub­lished the book “The End is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure,” in which he dis­cusses the debt crisis and how a growing gov­ernment hurts the U.S. Williamson will be in Hillsdale starting March 16, the day stu­dents return from spring break.

“He’s an out­standing reporter and mag­azine edi­to­ri­alist and jour­nalist,” Director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program John J. Miller said. “He’s worked with young people and taught jour­nalism. His expe­rience with that will serve him well here.”

The Pulliam Fellows Program brings prominent jour­nalists to Hillsdale every semester. This semester’s Pulliam Fellow, foreign cor­re­spondent and expert on Russia David Satter, arrived on Sunday. Other prominent jour­nalists who have come to Hillsdale for the program include political com­men­tator Mark Steyn, Tim Carney from the Wash­ington Examiner, and Kim­berley Strassel from The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s an endowed program. Stu­dents who want to go into jour­nalism, it’s good for them to be around real jour­nalists,” Vice Pres­ident for External Affairs Douglas Jeffrey said. “All the feedback we’ve gotten from jour­nalism stu­dents has been pos­itive.”

When choosing Pulliam Fellows, Miller and Jeffrey each suggest names. Williamson was an obvious selection for both.

“I had rec­om­mended him a couple of years ago,” Jeffrey said. “This year, John men­tioned him to me as someone he’d like to bring out here and be a really good teacher because he has a back­ground in teaching jour­nalism. It was a no-brainer that we agreed.”

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Breana Noble
Breana Noble is The Collegian's Editor-in-Chief. She is a born and raised Michigander and studies politics and journalism. This summer, Breana interned in New York City at TheStreet, a business and finance news website. She has previously worked for The Detroit News, The American Spectator, and Newsmax Media. She eventually hopes to pursue a career in investigative journalism. email: | twitter: @RightandNoble