Don’t visit Hillsdale too often after grad­u­ation.

We seniors at the Col­legian haven’t developed any sort of hatred for the college. Rather, this warning stems from a deep and deep­ening love for our soon-to-be alma mater.

Ask anyone who has attended Hillsdale in the past few decades — Hillsdale remains per­pet­ually the same in many, fun­da­mental ways. We com­plain about Saga, whine about the size of the core, debate the merits of the Greek system. Our college culture abides and thrives, even while class after class departs.

But that doesn’t mean we should come back and try to relive our own college expe­ri­ences.

The buildings, the smells, the air would be the same, yet the faces about campus eerily dif­ferent. The token union dwellers would be replaced by other pock-marked freshmen, so similar yet so dif­ferent than those you knew.

So stay away for a while, maybe visit occa­sionally, but not too often. Cherish your Hillsdale by remem­bering it. Don’t become that one guy who returns repeatedly.