John Banovetz is a Hillsdale College senior who throws for the track team and plays the viola in the Hillsdale College Sym­phony Orchestra. Due to an injury, Banovetz cur­rently only throws shot put, but he hopes to begin com­peting in both shot put and hammer during the approaching outdoor season. Banovetz is the third of four sib­lings who have attended Hillsdale, and he will marry a former Hillsdale thrower on June 21.

Why did you decide to attend Hillsdale?

My older two sib­lings both came here before me, so that had a lot to do with it. Also, the track team and orchestra gave me some good schol­ar­ships which influ­enced the decision.

Why did you get involved in track?

I’ve always been of a bigger stature, so throwing always came kind of nat­u­rally to me, and I’ve always enjoyed it and been rel­a­tively suc­cessful. I started track in 5th or 6th grade, but for a brief period in 7th grade I did sprints.

How long have you been involved in orchestra?

I have been playing viola for 15 to 16 years and orchestra since ele­mentary school. It was some­thing that all of us as kids did — all of my sib­lings play instru­ments. My mom encouraged us to do that.

What is your most mem­o­rable expe­rience with the track team?

Indoor nationals last year. That was a lot of fun. We go for five days, and get to watch all the other top ath­letes in the nation, cheer on our team­mates, and hang out with the coaches. It’s kind of like a vacation, and a lot of fun. Per­sonally, I did very badly, but there are hopes for this season.

What is your biggest goal in track for this year?

My biggest goal would be All-American in any of the events.

How does being involved in both Hillsdale ath­letics and music affect your life?

It makes it busy. I have track practice everyday from 2 to 4 p.m., at least, and orchestra rehearsals for two hours twice a week. Ensemble is an hour a week, and twice each semester, we have con­certs, so concert weeks are really busy.

How did you meet your fiancé?

Adrienne Bigelow was a senior when I was a freshman, and we met because she was also a thrower on the track team. We went on a spring break trip together and it went from there I guess.

What are your and Adrienne’s plans after you graduate?

Right now she is man­aging a con­signment shop in Jonesville and also working some hours at 8 North in Hillsdale. She’s thinking about opening and man­aging her own con­signment shop, but I’m pushing her to become a per­sonal trainer — I think she’d be really good at it, and she could help me stay fit, which would be nice. I’m cur­rently looking for jobs, and we want to move some­where other than the Midwest for at least a few years, since we’ve both lived here for all of our lives.

Would you like to con­tinue in track after college?

I would def­i­nitely like to coach at a high school or maybe at a college some­where.

-Com­piled by Macaela Bennett

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