Fifth-year senior Tim Dezelski plays forward on the Hillsdale College men’s bas­ketball team. He was named South Division Player of the Week three times in a row and is cur­rently fourth in the nation in scoring. He is a finance major.


How long have you been playing basketball?


I have been playing bas­ketball ever since I can remember. It has always been some­thing I have loved and am very pas­sionate about. At a young age I knew sports were my passion and I exper­i­mented with them all –– par­tic­u­larly football, bas­ketball, and baseball. In high school it became clear that I had the highest potential in bas­ketball; that is why I chose to play it in college.


What do you love about the sport?


I love the cama­raderie, life lessons, and teamwork involved in bas­ketball. It teaches you life lessons that can be used on and off the court for the rest of your life.


How has the men’s bas­ketball team at Hillsdale dif­fered from other teams you’ve played for?


Our team here at Hillsdale is an extremely close-knit group and that starts with our great coaching staff. The family atmos­phere is unlike any I have ever seen or been a part of.


How do you balance sports and academics?


Bal­ancing sports and aca­d­emics is tough at Hillsdale. Playing bas­ketball –– or any sport for that matter –– requires self dis­ci­pline and student ath­letes rely a ton on time-man­agement skills.


You did very well last year, but this year you seem to have taken off even more. To what do you credit this success?


I am very honored and owe a lot of the credit to my team­mates, who allow me to be so suc­cessful. Most impor­tantly I want to do any­thing I can to help the team win because that is what matters most.


Do you have any pre-game rituals?


I do not have any spe­cific pre game rituals but I prepare for games the same way I do for practice. I believe that con­sis­tency is very important.


What are your biggest con­cerns coming into the semester? What are you most looking forward to?


My biggest concern this semester is leading my team to being the very best we can be. It is my final semester in college and I would like to leave on the right note.


Where did you grow up?


I grew up in Northville, Mich, which is a suburb of Detroit.


What drew you to the major you are in now?

Finance interests me because I want to help other people max­imize their sit­u­ation in the best pos­sible way and help provide some security in other peo­ple’s and my own life.


- Com­piled by Abi Wood