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Volume Salon and Spa hair­dressers chat with cus­tomers while snipping and styling. “Be your own kind of beau­tiful” is sten­ciled on the wall, sit­uated between mirrors that allow cus­tomers to look back at them­selves and con­tem­plate the phrase.

The Hillsdale salon reopened in June 2013 on East Bacon Street across from Hillsdale Com­munity Library. Their expanded ser­vices include mas­sages, which pro­vides an alter­native to mas­sages offered by the college’s Health Center.

“Every person that comes through the door is dif­ferent, so everybody has a dif­ferent kind of beau­tiful,” said Volume Salon and Spa owner Kelly Dunlap.

The salon offers a 15-minute massage for $20, and a 30-minute massage for $35.

Dunlap decided to move from West Car­leton Road to her new location to accom­modate her expanding business. Her staff nearly doubled with the move, and Dunlap said they are busy.

“We moved here to expand our ser­vices to include man­i­cures, pedi­cures, and facials, makeup, and massage,” Dunlap said. “We went from having no recep­tionist to having three.”

Dunlap owns the business with her husband and said it is dif­ficult to balance being wife, mother, and business owner.

Although there are several other salons in town, Dunlap claims hers is different.

“We have every­thing under one roof, and we have the best people,” she said.

Stylist Morgan Page is one of those superior staff members. Her business card echoes the “Be your own kind of beau­tiful” sten­ciled on the wall. It quotes Psalm 139 reminding her cus­tomers that they are “fear­fully and won­der­fully made.”

Page plans to work as a stylist part time and help her fiancé start a farm.

“I love it,” Page said. “The atmos­phere is very lively. There’s never a dull moment.”

She said that people come in with unre­al­istic expec­ta­tions sometimes.

“We’re not magi­cians, we’re beau­ti­cians,” Page said. “People will come in after box col­oring their hair black and then want it platinum blonde.”

Page said there is a teamwork men­tality at Volume Salon.

“Everyone here helps one another out,” she said. “If someone needs some­thing people will jump in and help out other stylists. We all have our busy times so we understand.”