Desiree Jordan Sherman, 21, accepted a plea bargain of no contest to one count of assault and battery in Hillsdale County Circuit Court on Nov. 25.

The pros­e­cutor agreed to drop Sherman’s four other charges of assault with intent to commit murder, resisting and obstructing, inter­fering with elec­tronic com­mu­ni­ca­tions, and assault and battery of a second victim if she pleaded no contest to the first assault and battery charge.

The Hillsdale County Sheriff’s department arrested Sherman for allegedly stabbing a 33-year-old male on the evening of Nov. 13 off of Hudson Road in Osseo, Mich.

The police incident report said that the victim was stabbed twice, once in the side punc­turing his lung and once in the back. When the police arrived at the scene, the victim was reported saying that he couldn’t breathe.

He was trans­ported to the Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center then life flighted to the Uni­versity of Toledo Medical Center where he underwent imme­diate surgery to repair his lung and stop internal bleeding. The victim is in stable con­dition now.

According to the police report, Sherman had been sharing a res­i­dence with the victim, his girl­friend, and a baby. After an alter­cation, the victim told Sherman she had to take her things and leave the res­i­dence.

It esca­lated to both the victim and Sherman throwing each other’s belonging from the house. The victim said that Sherman came at him with a knife, but he did not see it at first and she stabbed him in the side. While trying to wrestle the knife away from her, she stabbed him in the back.

The victim reported forcing Sherman out of the house, but he did not lock the door. The girl­friend reported that while she was on the phone with the police, Sherman re-entered the house, knocked the phone from her hands, and threw her to the ground. When police arrived at the scene, they found the two victims in the front yard, but Sherman was not there.

Police tracked her to a Hillsdale city res­i­dence, where they found her in a bedroom. Sherman resisted arrest by attempting to block the door, and she kicked at the officer who hand­cuffed her.

The defense attorney said that Sherman’s memory of the night is spotty, and that the police report shows a blood alcohol content of approx­i­mately 0.2 at the time of arrest some time after the incident.

Sherman’s sen­tencing is set for Jan. 13. The maximum potential penalty for the count against her is 10 years in prison and/or $5,000 fine. Her bond is set at $100,000 with 10 percent allowed.