The HillCats –– the Hillsdale College Faculty Jazz Ensemble –– will be per­forming this Friday, Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. in Phillips Audi­torium. No tickets are required, and the event is free to all who wish to attend.
The ensemble will be playing the music of Billy Strayhorn, a famous jazz pianist and com­poser who worked side by side with Duke Ellington. The program includes eight tunes including “Take the A Train” and “Lush Life,” two of Strayhorn’s most famous works.
Special guest Sunny Wilkinson, an accom­plished and tal­ented jazz vocalist, is also per­forming with the HillCats. In one song, she will partner with Director and Teacher of Music Chris McCourry to sing the song “Lean on it.”
The band fea­tures five reg­u­larly appearing members: Lec­turers in Music Jonathon Gewirtz and Arlene McDaniel play the saxa­phone and piano, respec­tively. Lec­turers in Music Larry Ochiltree and James “JB” Ball keep the rhythm on drums and bass guitar, respec­tively. Finally, McCourry com­pletes the jazz sound with his instrument, the trumpet.
Lovers of great music, swing dancers who cannot get enough jazz, and more are welcome to attend the free HillCats concert this Friday for a live jazz expe­rience.