The follow through is what’s important. Whether it be a shot in a bas­ketball game, a hit on the vol­leyball court, or in groups on campus.

“You bring in all these freshmen and they get involved and plugged in to all these dif­ferent min­istries on campus but then the follow through isn’t there,”  the co-director of the Timothy Project, Rachel Zolinski said.

The Timothy Project is a rel­a­tively new program to Hillsdale. It started last year and is a min­istry of the Hillsdale Inter­Varsity Christian Fel­lowship that pairs freshman with upper­classmen who will be their spir­itual mentors and friends.

“The intent of the Timothy project is to follow through with Matthew 25 and the Great Com­mission,” Zolinski said.

So we wanted to provide an oppor­tunity where they (the freshmen) would have that increased encour­agement and strength all the way through the school year,” Zolinski said.

Ali Roth came up with the idea for the Timothy Project. Junior Landon Peterson assisted Roth in getting the project on its feet. Now he and Zolinski work and pray together when pairing the mentors and mentees.

“There’s so much freedom to make of it what you want and to invest in the life of a younger student,” Peterson said.

The mentor rela­tionship was based off the rela­tionship of Paul and Timothy in the Bible. Paul was a mentor to Timothy and that is also how the project got it’s name.

Last year they had between 50 – 60 people. Now they have 80 people paired and some still unpaired.

Mary Agnes Geiger, a Sophomore, is beginning her second year of involvement with the program.

“The whole word mentor, I feel that it’s probably more of a friendship,” Geiger said.

“At first I was super skep­tical about Timothy Project because I thought that rela­tion­ships of mentors was an organic thing, that it hap­pened over a long period of time and you had to get to know someone and be like ‘Ok this is someone I want to take under my wing.’,” junior Shelly Peters, a mentor last year, said.

Peters, however, decided to give the program a try. She was paired with Olivia Jaconette, an incoming freshmen.

“When we (she and her mentee) first met, it was such a beau­tiful con­ver­sation. She just didn’t know bible studies to get involved in, what church to go to. No one had taken her under their wing. And I was like, ‘Come, be part of my life,” Peters said.

“I’ve just seen her grow in leaps and bounds and we’ve become better friends and I’ve notice such a dif­ference and change and it’s the greatest thing. I want to be that Paul to someone else and I was able to. I”m excited to see who God wants my little Timothy this year,” Peters said.