Dear Editor,

Chris Boy­ajian, in “Why Cruz is the only only RINO we should worry about,” has a rather strange inter­pre­tation of Sen. Ted Cruz’ heroic efforts to block the funding of the Affordable Care Act.  But I do think he makes an extremely important point that is right on target.  Cruz cer­tainly places many things above the Repub­lican Party — for example, prin­ciples of liberty and the U.S. Con­sti­tution.  That’s as it should be.  That’s his job, not party loyalty.  Hence I’m not at all worried about Cruz.

On the other hand, party leaders like Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham violate their oaths of office daily and appear to be quite happy com­pro­mising with the pres­ident as he takes us down the road to despotism.  Maybe that somehow favors their per­sonal careers and the Repub­lican Party’s for­tunes, but why should I care about fur­thering those ends?

I’m an American citizen who believes in indi­vidual liberty, who thinks gov­ernment should be very strictly limited, and who thinks it cur­rently dan­ger­ously off the rails and a genuine threat to us all.  That’s all I care about.  I don’t give a damn about the Repub­lican Party or its well-being.  If the party lead­ership refuses to fight against the growing tyranny in Wash­ington and instead abets it, they are as much our enemies as any of the rest of the pack of col­lec­tivist-sta­tists in D.C.



Charles N. Steele, Ph.D.

Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Economics

Hillsdale College