About 10 years ago, a CCA speaker dropped the f‑word mul­tiple times in what is now noto­ri­ously known as the ‘f‑bomb CCA.’

The speaker was Jeffrey Hart, pro­fessor emeritus of English at Dart­mouth Uni­versity and senior editor at National Review.

Hart warned of the dangers of speech codes, then went on to speak of words that, although low and dirty, were nonetheless effective means of com­mu­ni­cation, giving as examples a number of marches and songs from the second World War uti­lizing the f‑word effec­tively. He did not call it the f‑word.

The college admin­is­tration was not pleased. Nor was John Reist, pro­fessor of English at Hillsdale.

He finds fault in Hart’s inten­tional use of a word offensive to many while a guest at an event geared towards building a pos­itive rep­u­tation among sup­porters.

The admin­is­tration pur­posely tried to forget the episode. The video recordings of that par­ticular speech are no longer available in the CCA archives.

“They have always pre­tended it didn’t happen,” Reist said.


Jared Cook

The Hillsdale Col­legian 

Feb­ruary 14, 2002