The third student in 20 minutes trips on the icy sidewalk leading up to the union, cursing the ice and the school and all that is good. Said student vaguely dreams of the ambiguous “Spring Break.”

Spring Break is right around the corner — the longest corner ever. It seems we’ve been rounding this corner for weeks.

We are nine weeks through spring semester, which boasts Michigan’s crum­miest period of weather. The semester is 15 weeks long. Some quick math indi­cates that this break is about two and a half weeks overdue, if the break’s intent is to offer a mid-semester recess from the stress of college life and weather that is pre­dictable only in the sense that you know it will be awful.

A vacation halfway through the semester, which is when most schools’ occur (you’ll have noticed if you’ve had any Facebook friends posting pic­tures of beaches these past few weeks), is an oppor­tunity for stu­dents to take a break from Hillsdale and come back refreshed, ready to attack the remainder of the semester with vigor. Even if stu­dents don’t fly off to some­where mar­velous, time to relax at home is as antic­i­pated and enjoyable.

Stu­dents are approaching this break, however, like worn and wounded sol­diers, and will likely return to campus frazzled as they realize that less than five weeks remain before final exams. Pupils begin to hyper­ven­tilate, real­izing that a semester’s worth of papers looms still. Seniors need another break to catch up on the sleep they didn’t get while writing their thesis.

We rec­ognize Hillsdale’s rational and Christian rea­soning of aligning Spring Break with Easter. But it seems to make more sense to add the travel day to a sep­arate Easter weekend, spreading out vacation time. Add a half-day on Good Friday and Voila — a bonus three and a half day weekend in addition to Spring Break.

If Spring Break were earlier, Easter Break would bring a later time of rest. Think of it like Fall Break and Thanks­giving break.

We don’t think we’re alone in going stir-crazy here. Enjoy your overdue break, but don’t enjoy it too much. Reality will hit harder than ever when we get back.