True to hopes and aspi­ra­tions, the Hillsdale Charger freshmen are helping the baseball team accu­mulate vic­tories.

The Chargers won two of four games this weekend against Alderson-Broaddus in Toledo.

Saturday’s games were both decided by one run, with the Chargers losing the first 2 – 1 and winning the evening’s game 4 – 3. On Sunday, the Chargers won 5 – 0 and lost 6 – 4.

Freshman left-fielder Tad Sobieszczanski went 4‑for‑4 in the second game on Sat­urday, driving in two runs. Another freshman, Geordy Smith, had three hits over the weekend and drove in one run.

“It feels good to help the team out and to get some expe­rience,” Sobieszczanski said. “I am feeling more com­fortable out there and we are all learning that we can really trust our team­mates.”

“We really had some freshmen step up and do a good job this last weekend,” head coach Paul Noce said. “We had about six freshmen starting in one game, so that’s encour­aging for them to be playing well and for us to be able to play a lot of freshmen.”

Relief pitching didn’t give up any runs in Toledo, another encour­aging aspect for Noce.

Another crucial moment of the weekend came when junior Dan Pochmara pitched three scoreless innings in the 4 – 3 win on Sat­urday.

Last year, the team had a total of 53 extra-base hits for the whole year. They are already up to 22, almost halfway in only eight games.

“That number is encour­aging,” Noce said. “We have some kids that have some pop, and I think that will con­tinue.”

While the team is pleased with their progress, they feel that they still haven’t played to their potential.

“We were dis­ap­pointed that we didn’t win three out of four games, but we weren’t dis­couraged,” Noce said. “These guys believe they can win, which is huge.”

“We have played well so far, but not as well as we will play in the future,” Sobieszczanski said.

The team hopes to win more games and see further improvement this weekend in Florida. They leave on Wednesday and will play five games in West Palm Beach and one more on Monday against Slippery Rock in Winter Haven, Fla.

Con­ference play starts on Wednesday against Grand Valley.