This past weekend, freshman Savanna Wierenga and sophomore Arielle Mueller flew out to The Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, Calif., to rep­resent Hillsdale College at the Young Amer­icans for Freedom Con­ference.

Young Amer­icans for Freedom is a student group that advo­cates limited gov­ernment, indi­vidual freedom, free enter­prise, tra­di­tional values, and a strong national defense among other things men­tioned in their mis­sions statement.

“There were so many great speakers such as Rob Robison and Peter Scheizer,” Wierenga said, “We both really learned a lot. People were really impressed with Hillsdale when we were there. If we can, we’ll keep that name going when we’re at dif­ferent con­fer­ences. It can help us make great con­nec­tions and build up our YAF chapter.”

“One of the things I really learned there,” she con­tinued, “was a lot about Reagan’s char­acter. Even though he had a lot of land, his home was incredibly small and humble. He was a very hard worker.”

“If you’re inter­ested in going to a YAF con­ference at the Reagan Ranch,” said Hillsdale YAF Pres­ident Nathan Brand, “they’ll have more infor­mation coming in April or May. It’s really a great oppor­tunity.”


 — Amanda Tindall