The opening of the Market Tavern, which had been slated for Feb. 1, has been delayed.

The Market Tavern is a planned expansion of the Broad Street Downtown Market’s oper­a­tions, a bar located inside the Market itself.

While few details are available, Mary Wolfram, director of eco­nomic devel­opment for the city of Hillsdale, con­firmed that the delay was caused by the Michigan Liquor Control Com­mittee not yet granting the Tavern a Class C liquor license. Class C is the standard license required for an estab­lishment to serve liquor, beer, and wine for con­sumption on premises.

Wolfram decried the delay, calling it “gov­ernment at its worst” and crit­i­cizing the Michigan Liquor Control Com­mittee for inter­fering with “a small business trying to make some­thing happen, to bring in eco­nomic devel­opment to a small town.” She said that this was not the first time the Michigan Liquor Control Com­mission have delayed the granting of the license.

“All [the owners of the Tavern] want to do is do their job. And their job is to make these products available to the public, as a small business owner. They don’t have the resources, and the money, and the time to spend, just to have the gov­ernment allow them to do, hon­estly, what they should be able to do without any kind of license, if you want my opinion…It’s really a travesty,”Wolfram said.

Broad Street Market General Manager Cindy McCoy said the store was working on the problem with the state, but that she was “not at liberty” to offer any more infor­mation.

A query of the Michigan Liquor Control Com­mission appli­cation status database listed the Class C license appli­cation as “pending.”

While no specifics regarding why the MLCC did not grant the Class C license could be con­firmed, an MLCC Public infor­mation officer did confirm that it is “not an option [for an estab­lishment] to hold both a Class C and SDD [license].” The Broad Street Market cur­rently holds an SDD (Spe­cially Des­ig­nated Dis­tributor) license, which may be the obstacle to their obtainment of the Class C license.

At the time of printing, the Market Tavern website says the bar will open some time in Feb­ruary 2013.