Jeffrey Stalhood, 45, was sen­tenced on Jan. 23 to 15 years in prison for a drunk driving accident that killed two men.

On Aug. 22 of last year, Stalhood left a bar in Pittsford, Mich., with two men in the car: 21-year-old Calvin Russel and 43-year-old Chris Root. Stalhood was driving 113 mph west­bound on Bacon Street when he lost control of the vehicle. The 1999 Mercury Cougar spun and slid 600 feet before wrapping around a large tree.

The police report indi­cated that the damage to the vehicle was extensive and that debris was scat­tered across a wide area.

Russel and Root died on the scene, but Stalhood was flown by heli­copter to Uni­versity of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Stalhood tested for a .09 blood alcohol content — .01 above the legal limit.

According to the affi­davit for a search warrant, Stalhood admitted to the Flight for Life crew that he shouldn’t have been driving after being asked how much he’d had to drink.

Stalhood, who had a history of drunk driving, pled no contest to one count of oper­ating under the influence causing death, two counts of reckless driving causing death, and one count of driving while license sus­pended causing death. He will serve out his time at the Michigan Department of Cor­rec­tions.

“It was a just sen­tence,” Pros­e­cutor Neal Brady said.