Hillsdale will soon have a new bar.

The new Market Tavern will be an extension of the Broad Street Downtown Market’s oper­a­tions, and will be located in the front of that estab­lishment. The Broad Street Market in downtown Hillsdale already boasts a wide selection of liquor, beer, and wine, as well as spe­cialty foods.

Set to open Feb. 1, the Market Tavern will serve entrées pre­pared by the Broad Street Market’s own chef, some including the Market’s in-house meats, in addition to liquor, beer, and wine.

Bar­tender Woody Horn said the Tavern is meant to lower the bar­riers cus­tomers face when trying the spe­cialty bev­erages and foods sold by the Market.

If people like what they try at the bar, they can pur­chase more from the Market to take home. This is not limited to beer — all food available at the bar is for sale in the store.

“A lot of it is just trying to give people an oppor­tunity to save a little bit, while expe­ri­encing new things,” Horn said.

The Market already stocks over 200 vari­eties of wine and more than 300 vari­eties of craft beer. Those inter­ested in regional beers should be well-served.

“We’ve really been doing a lot to try to focus on the Michigan craft beers,” Horn said. “We’re going to be fea­turing Shorts, Arcadia, Dark Horse, Bell’s, and a few of the other ones.”

The focus on Michigan is strong enough that the beers will be given their own keg in the Tavern. This focus is set to con­tinue.

“We’ll def­i­nitely be doing a lot with local brew­eries to come in, maybe take over some of the kegs, do some spe­cials that way,” Horn said.

Even before building the bar, the owners of the Market began selling beer in singles, because “a six-pack price is a little daunting for somebody that wants to try [some­thing new],” Horn said.

The Tavern is part of the same effort.

“The singles give them an oppor­tunity,” Horn said, “and now this gives them an oppor­tunity to just do it right in house.”

Potential bar-goers have “really been gung-ho,” Horn said.

He said that the prin­ciple of making it easier for the cus­tomer to try new things has been working well for the Market.

“For the last two months, lots and lots of word of mouth has led us to believe that the direction we’re going, with the singles, Chef Jimmy coming in and doing some of the dif­ferent things at lunch, has shown us that … if we expand, I think that people will follow.”

The Broad Street Downtown Market, with its Market Tavern opening Feb. 1, is located on 55 North Broad St. The Tavern’s hours are cur­rently set to mirror those of the Market, which closes at 1 a.m. on Friday and Sat­urday nights.

The Market Tavern will start a Beer and Wine of the Month Clubs and plans to show pay-per-view sporting events. Club Keno will