The Hillsdale Chargers Women’s bas­ketball team suf­fered its first loss of the season on Thursday in its game against Northwood, but made a strong comeback Sat­urday, beating Lake Superior State. Hillsdale now stands at 1 – 1 in the GLIAC and 4 – 1 overall.

Hillsdale beat Lake Superior State at 77 – 53, making it the first GLIAC win of the season.

The Chargers held the Lakers to 17 points as opposed to their 41 in the first half, and kept the ball under control with only three turnovers.

“We defended very well,” head coach Claudette Charney said. “Our strategy was to improve on the things that had not gone well over the past couple weeks, and it turned out to be a much better game.”

She said the team showed good effort overall, and that all the players got to play “sub­stantial minutes” on the floor.

The game had a poten­tially rocky start when leading scorer and sophomore starter Megan Fogt had to sit out due to two fouls in the first five minutes, but the rest of the team picked up the slack.

“The rest of the team did a nice job,” Fogt said. “They really stepped up for me.”

Hillsdale kept the lead in the second half and took the win with 11 three-point field goals, 24 free throws, and 21 field goals.

Junior guard Marissa DeMott shared the scoring lead with freshman Sarah Theut at 11 points, and both girls scored their points within 18 minutes. DeMott made three three-point shots.

In just 12 minutes, freshman Kelsey Cromer scored a career-high nine points off the bench that included a three-point shot, four free throws, and two field goals.

“Everyone was playing with a lot of con­fi­dence,” said senior guard Lea Jones said. Jones scored eight points in 20 minutes of floor time.

“We just kept rolling, which is good. It was nice in the GLIAC, because the GLIAC is so hard,” she said.

Thursday’s game was the first of the GLIAC con­fronta­tions, and ended up a win for Northwood, 70 – 51.

Despite the 19-point dif­ference, it was not until the final minutes of the game that Northwood surged ahead. At halftime, Northwood led 27 – 21.

“The game on Thursday was not a heavy loss,” coach Charney said. “It was close with six and a half minutes to go.”

Northwood racked up an addi­tional 43 points in the second half, with 16 field goals, three three-point shots, and eight free throws. Hillsdale, in the second half, made 30 points with 12 field goals, two three-point shots, and four free throws.