The editors’ meeting has already started when he moseys in. He’s wearing a shirt with an oversize wolf on it, a well-worn plaid flannel, and a Florida Marlins hat, and he’s sorry he’s late but he forgot we had a meeting. He’s our lovable sports editor, Phil Morgan II, or Deuce, as we know him. And he’s grad­u­ating at the end of the semester.

In a way, he’s a prince of Hillsdale, with family roots in the county dating back to 1843. Deuce wanted to get out of Dodge for college, and after a semester at the college, he ditched town and spent a semester working in Jackson. But he came back. He majored in history, went on the Florida Keys trip, and had a brief and at times toxic love affair with rugby during his college years.

But even more mem­o­rable than the stuff he’s done is the kind of guy he is. Deuce has a natural calm about him, and whenever things get hectic, he reminds us to switch the hipster music out for some jam bands and just relax. He loves the out­doors and plans to be a redneck someday, shooting moose and drinking beer.

He’s content with what he has, and though he’s never adored aca­d­emics, he may know more about the good life than the rest of us. He is always up for an adventure, whether it be spearfishing with nothing but a flash­light after driving through the woods in his 1970s Jeep or catching a live band at a jazz club for senior citizens.

Few stu­dents on campus are so beloved in so many social circles, but being a friend to everyone is just Deuce’s way. The sportos, the motor­heads, geeks, Bloods… they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

We know he’s not a saint – we caught a copy editing mistake on the sports page once or twice – but we’ve been the better for knowing him. His departure reminds us all of how fleeting our time during college is, and how for­tunate we are to attend a school that fosters such close, valuable friendships.

His best friends say he’s the friend you can call in the middle of the night if you need some­thing, and while we hope never to need help with the sports page at 3 a.m., we make no promises.

Farewell and cheers, Deuce.