Kathy Newell is the owner of The Blossom Shop and orga­nizer of the Christmas Scav­enger Hunt and the Parade of Lights.


How did Hillsdale’s two biggest Christmas events go?

Atten­dance doubled for the scav­enger hunt this year, and we had a great turnout for the parade, espe­cially con­sid­ering it was our first year. We were hoping for 10 – 15 floats and ended up with 30.


Is the Parade of Lights going to become another annual tra­dition?

We’re def­i­nitely doing it next year, and we’d love for the college kids to par­tic­ipate. You can build floats for your sports team or sorority or just get all lit up and come walk.


What were some high­lights of the parade?

The BPU truck was all decked out in candy canes and packages, and then Santa rode in the fire truck. They put him up top, and then he was out there riding over everyone else. Scott from BPU also wrapped his entire truck in wrapping paper and drove it in the parade


Any changes you’d like to see for next year’s parade?

Next year we’ll try to have the floats on display after­wards, so that everyone can get a closer look and take pic­tures.


How does Hillsdale change around Christmas?

Everybody gets happy around Christmas. BPU put up the new big Christmas tree that actually plays Christmas music. It makes every­thing festive, really sets the tone. People come through the doors singing.

      ‑Com­piled by Tory Cooney