Throughout the cam­paign, we heard con­tin­u­ously that the race was about the economy.  But if that were true, why did America re-elect a pres­ident with unem­ployment at 8 percent and the national debt over $16 trillion? My sus­picion: this race was not about the economy. The results hinged instead on cap­turing the votes of special interest groups — those who vote based on which can­didate best addresses their par­ticular concern. Pres­ident Obama courted and cap­tured these votes; Gov. Romney did not. Obama cham­pioned minority interests by passing the Dream Act; he cham­pioned women’s interests by promising to protect their sexual freedoms; he cham­pioned envi­ron­mental interests by touting the virtues of green energy ini­tia­tives; he cham­pioned middle-class interests by promising pro­tection from crony cap­i­talism, and he cham­pioned gay and lesbian interests by advo­cating their equal pro­tection under the law. Romney’s imper­sonal promise of broad eco­nomic reform could not compete with Obama’s tar­geted guar­antees.