Pres­ident Obama’s win on Tuesday is a his­toric, left-handed com­pliment to the 43rd pres­ident. He’s the first incumbent to be re-elected with such high unem­ployment averages and low approval ratings since FDR. Despite the best efforts of Gov. Romney, Rep. Paul Ryan, and mil­lions of sup­porters, Obama has become the third con­sec­utive pres­ident to win re-election. Maybe now at least he’ll stop blaming Bush. While many believed Romney could defeat Obama, I don’t know anyone sur­prised he did not. Outside of picking Ryan and an elec­tri­fying first debate per­for­mance, his cam­paign proved con­sis­tently frus­trating. If I had to describe his biggest problem, it would be the word “con­ser­v­ative.” Romney acted too con­ser­v­a­tively when it came to attacking Obama’s abysmal record, but when he needed to invig­orate support, many doubted his con­ser­v­ative con­vic­tions. Regardless, the GOP has a young, charis­matic new star in Ryan. I hear voters go crazy for that kind of can­didate after eight years of an unpopular pres­ident.