A new club has been formed on campus: the Hillsdale Men’s Vol­leyball Club.

The brain­child of freshman Eric Walker, the vol­leyball club had its first practice on Nov. 5. The next practice will be in the Roche Sports Complex on Nov. 11from 3 – 5 p.m.

Walker, who was part of a start-up vol­leyball club in high school, is the pres­ident of the club. Michael Clark, assistant pro­fessor of eco­nomics, will coach, and Ryan Servold, middle school vol­leyball coach at Hillsdale Academy, will assist him. Walker described Clark as the club’s “greatest asset.”

Thirteen men attended the club’s first meeting on Nov. 1. Walker said another six were inter­ested in joining the club.

“We’ll always be looking for guys that are inter­ested,” Walker said. “We are trying to structure the club so we can work with any level of com­mitment.”

The club will practice three times a week.

“If you want to try vol­leyball out, this is really the good time to try and do it,” Clark said. “We’re in a good place starting up. Just have fun with it.”

Walker said that this first year, the club would focus on player devel­opment, but that they would also compete in tour­na­ments and arrange matches with other clubs.

“By the end of the year, I see us having a travel team of guys who know how to work together and play tech­nical vol­leyball,” Walker said.

Walker said he would also like to develop a practice team of men improving their vol­leyball skill and to join a league next year.

Walker said he was sur­prised by the response to the club.

“I thought it was going to take more work to get guys inter­ested,” he said, “but they were asking about getting involved.”

Any men inter­ested in joining the club should email Walker.

“Volleyball’s a good cama­raderie sport,” Clark said. “It’s as fun as it gets.”

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