Hillsdale bas­ketball is off to an exciting start this season, and the Charger nation should get ready to rally around our teams this winter.

Women’s bas­ketball coach Claudette Charney achieved a mile­stone last Sat­urday when she earned her 500th win. Only 11 coaches in D‑II women’s bas­ketball have ever accom­plished this feat. She is the all-time win­ningest coach in our school’s history. The edi­torial board sends its con­grat­u­la­tions to Coach Charney.

Over Thanks­giving break, Hillsdale bas­ketball made news in a round­about way when the men’s team was relieved of a igno­minious 58-year-old NCAA scoring record. In 1954, Bevo Francis of Rio Grande College in Ohio scored 113 points against Hillsdale College, setting a single-game record. On Nov. 20, Jack Taylor, a sophomore at Grinnell College, scored 125 points against Faith Baptist, breaking the NCAA scoring record and, thank­fully, taking Hillsdale College off the record book.

But Hillsdale hasn’t just relied on unusual games against D‑II ath­letes to grow. Hillsdale ath­letics in general has made extra­or­dinary strides in recent years. The fandom, however, can be a little lacking. This season, both bas­ketball teams are winning, and we encourage each one of you to go out and be the best fan pos­sible. Hillsdale is not the most exciting locale, espe­cially during the winter when you get wind burnt walking to class and it seems to get dark before you finish eating lunch. Bas­ketball games are a great way to escape the drea­riness.

As vet­erans of the sol­stice grind, we think our campus ben­efits from winning teams and spirited fans. Players attest that the fans make an immense dif­ference for the teams.

So go hard in the paint. Dress up, start chants, and yell. Awesome cheering sec­tions earn awesome rep­u­ta­tions. Duke has the Cameron Crazies. Michigan State has the Izzone. Before the season ends, the sports complex should have a rep­u­tation as one of the toughest places for oppo­nents to play.

And perhaps cheering for the ath­letes and sup­porting remarkable coaches like Coach Charney will even boost your own morale this winter.