One of the fastest growing sports in the Midwest entered Hillsdale’s campus when three freshmen men decided to start a lacrosse club.

A few weeks ago, freshmen Andrew Stafford, Nathan Prigmore, and Andrew Davis hosted a meeting in the lobby of Gal­loway Res­i­dence to see how much interest there was for lacrosse in the student body.

Davis said about 10 people showed up that night in Gal­loway. At that meeting, sophomore Gretchen Geist was nom­i­nated to head up the girl’s side of the club.

“I tried to start last year but it never really got any momentum,” Geist said. “This year I got in contact with Andy and Nate which really helped in getting the momentum going.”

Nev­er­theless, before the club can move forward, Davis said it is nec­essary for all who are in the club to come together. The club has started a Facebook group to get the word out about the club and prac­tices.

“If we could get about 12 guys who con­tin­ually show up to practice and par­tic­ipate in we could go to Student Fed,” Davis said.

Although the club is not official yet, Geist and Davis are hoping by spring 2013 the women’s club and spring 2014 the men’s club will be approved by Student Fed.

Geist said there is a fair amount of interest, but no real com­mitment since very few show up to practice on a regular basis.

“It’s a great sport to play,” Davis said. “Everyone inter­ested should take a break from all the studying that we have to do and come play.”

Prigmore said the club wants to join the Great Lakes Lacrosse League. If inter­ested in playing, contact either Davis, Geist, or Prigmore at their Hillsdale emails.