Hillsdale College’s art stu­dents will get a chance to show off the fruits of this semester’s work next week in the Juried Art Exhibit. Opening Dec. 4 in the Sage Center for the Arts Daughtry Gallery, the exhibit will feature student artwork from this semester’s studio courses.

The artwork will be divided into six media cat­e­gories: drawing, sculpture, painting, pho­tog­raphy, graphics, and master copies (stu­dents’ copies of art­works by “old masters”).

“The gallery is the showcase of the art department and its pro­grams” said Sam Knecht, chairman of the art department. “It really serves to throw the spot­light on the stu­dents.”

The show is open to all art stu­dents, and each can submit as many pieces as they wish; however, each work must be pre­sented according to the art department’s strict guide­lines –– for example, paintings must be sub­mitted with a proper frame. As with pre­vious shows, the artwork will be for sale, but Knecht says that sales are not the focus of this exhibit.

The awards cer­emony for the stu­dents entered in the exhibit will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 4 p.m. Since the show is juried, each piece on display will be judged for the awarding of prizes. The art department has set aside $600 in prize money for a first- and second-place winner in each media cat­egory.

“Stu­dents jury for awards through a ballot process,” explained Knecht. “Stu­dents enrolled in art studio classes get one vote for each studio class they are enrolled in cur­rently.”

The art department faculty may also elect to choose a recipient of a Best In Show award. The juried format serves to encourage student par­tic­i­pation and judgement of their classmate’s artwork. This juried show is held annually at the end of the fall semester to display the stu­dents’ work over the past season. A sep­arate, non-juried show is held in the spring.

Sophomore Emily Dick­inson has com­pleted a master copy of a sketch by Georgia O’Keefe called “Banana Flower” for her Drawing 101 course with Pro­fessor Knecht.

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” said Dick­inson. “I’m won­dering what people will think of my work, since this is an entirely new expe­rience for me.”

Although she doesn’t expect to win an award, Dick­inson def­i­nitely took some­thing away from her expe­rience in an art course. “Since I’m not an art major, I’ve never taken an art class at Hillsdale before, and I was shocked at how hard the art majors have it,” Dick­inson said. “There’s a lot of work they have to do for each course that most stu­dents don’t realize. It’s very time intensive.”