Saga, Inc.. donated $5,000 to the bas­ketball program at Hillsdale College Oct. 20.

Every year, the bas­ketball program hosts a fundraising dinner. At the dinner, 250 raffle tickets, costing $100 each, are sold to benefit the program, said John Tharp, men’s bas­ketball coach. He said that Saga bought three tickets this year.

Kevin Kirwan, General Manager of Saga, had the winning ticket of the night – the grand prize was $5,000.

Instead of keeping the money, however, Kirwan and his coworkers, Tim Mor­rison, Pres­ident of Saga, and Marty Mor­rison, Saga Oper­a­tions Manager, donated the $5,000 back to the bas­ketball program.

“They have been incredibly gen­erous to us over the years,” Tharp said. “They always buy three for four tickets and we were so excited for them.”

However, Tharp said it was within fifteen minutes that the Saga asso­ciates said they were going to give the money to the program.

“They were emo­tional giving it back and we were emo­tional receiving it. We are so thankful,” Tharp said. “They are a part of this college, they are proud to be affil­iated with us, and they go above and beyond to provide a great expe­rience for all of us.”

Kirwan said they had always planned to give the money back.

“[Giving back] – that’s what makes it fun to win,” Mor­rison said.

The money will go to the daily oper­ation of what must be done for the bas­ketball program, Tharp said.