Holy Trinity Parish, Hillsdale’s  Anglican church, recently acquired and refur­bished a tra­di­tional pipe organ. According to Father Duane Beauchamp, the parish’s rector, the pipe organ replaced an Ellen elec­tronic organ the church used for the past decade.

The newly acquired organ was built in 1969 and installed in the Met­ro­politan State College in Denver, Colo. It came to Holy Trinity at the beginning of the semester when Steven Ball became the parish’s Director of Music. Ball, an inter­na­tional organist who teaches organ and car­illon at the Uni­versity of Michigan, found the organ in a non-workable con­dition at Met­ro­politan State, pur­chased it, and brought it to Holy Trinity, where he set about rein­stalling it.

Jim Lauck of the Lauck Pipe Organ Company com­pleted the refur­bishment and voicing of the organ on Nov. 17.

“[I] lis­tened to the organ mul­tiple times during its various con­di­tions, and it now sounds gor­geous,” Beauchamp said.

The pipe organ made its debut in an afternoon per­for­mance by Ball Nov. 18. According to Beauchamp, the per­for­mance was both an oppor­tunity to enjoy the music and an edu­ca­tional expe­rience for lis­teners to learn about the inner workings of a pipe organ.

Hillsdale College’s Chairman and Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Music, Choirs, and Orchestra Pro­fessor James Holleman attended the concert.

“I enjoyed the concert,” Holleman said. “There was an inter­esting variety of reper­toire per­formed very well. I’m thrilled for the parish at Holy Trinity for acquiring and installing the instrument.  It will greatly enhance their ser­vices. The addition of Dr. Steven Ball as organist/choir director is most exciting.”

According to Beauchamp, the parish will use the organ in every Sunday service.

“We are pur­poseful in con­tinuing to use the tra­di­tional sacred music of the church,” he said. “A pipe organ uses the same tech­nology as the natural voice uses, in other words, wind passing over some­thing that vibrates. The human voice hears and is able to work with a pipe organ much better than it can any other instrument.”