On Nov. 30, the one year anniversary of the closing of the United Way, Hillsdale County Com­munity Foun­dation will host its second annual Match Day fundraiser. The com­munity event will transfer the money raised to 15 non-profit orga­ni­za­tions in Hillsdale. HCCF will match the first $4,000 for each orga­ni­zation that par­tic­i­pates in the fundraiser.

HCCF gave over $40,000 during the 2009 Match Day and this year it plans to give about $44,000 to Hillsdale non-profit foun­da­tions. HCCF exec­utive director Sharon Bisher said that the closing of the com­munity program United Way last year encouraged HCCF to reopen Match Day.

Before United Way closed due to lack of funds, HCCF and United Way worked closely with the com­munity. While United Way aided the com­munity with imme­diate needs, Bisher said that HCCF was the community’s “savings book” and raised money for projects throughout the year.

Since United Way left Hillsdale in the fall of 2011, HCCF has tried to fill the gap and raise funds for non­profits who meet imme­diate needs as well.

“Agencies that we chose [to fund] met a critical human service need,” Bisher said.

The non-profit Simpson Foun­dation, private donors, and the HCCF will fund the Match Day donations.To prepare for the Nov. 30 fundraiser, Bisher is pro­moting the event and raising awareness among donors and businesses.

“We are trying to promote this as the biggest day of giving in Hillsdale,” Bisher said. “We want there to be a con­stant effort of giving back to com­munity. And the end of the year is always the biggest giving time.”

While a handful of the non-profit orga­ni­za­tions that will be recip­ients of the Match Day dona­tions have had an extensive history of fundraising expe­rience, such as the Sal­vation Army, several of the smaller local non-profits have appre­ciated HCCF’s help with the event.

“What is so good about this is that we’ve had some budget cuts this year,” said Cynthia Bofford, an employee of Domestic Harmony.  “[Match Day] will really help us keep the shelter going.”

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