Nick Hixson ’12 started his NFL career on the New Orleans Saints as practice squad cor­nerback in late August of this year.

Between practice, weight lifting, and watching films, Hixson and the other players on the team found time to discuss pol­itics.

Hixson, leader of “Team Romney” for the Saints, assumed many players would have similar political views as him.

“At first, I thought there would be quite a few con­ser­v­a­tives given the tax bracket these guys are in,” Hixson said.

He quickly found that there were very few political con­ser­v­a­tives in the locker room.  That fact, however, did not stop the men from dis­cussing pol­itics.

After pres­i­dential debates, the men would discuss which can­didate had the better point and which choice was right for the nation.

“Even though there was bick­ering and ban­tering and arguing, it was all polite arguing,” Hixson said.  “Most of these guys say they’re open minded which made me more eager to talk to them.”

Hixson said that some men brought notes to practice specif­i­cally for Hixson to explain to them.

Above all, Hixson said the dis­cus­sions made the men closer as a team. It forced them to delve into per­sonal opinions and to express their thoughts on polar­izing issues.  Hixson stressed how much closer the dis­cus­sions brought the team.

“It was good fun, and it was edu­ca­tional,” Hixson said.

Many players would approach Hixson with ques­tions about gov­ernment and pol­itics. He credits his Hillsdale College edu­cation for his ability to coher­ently explain complex ideas.

“A lot of these guys have never taken a pol­itics or eco­nomics class. Hillsdale’s edu­cation, from top to bottom, makes you more versed in pol­itics and the role of gov­ernment,” Hixson said. “I think it gives me a leg up on just about everyone in the locker room.”

Though Hixson was a con­ser­v­ative when he came to Hillsdale, he says his edu­cation made him want to become more edu­cated and speak out more about political issues.

Hixson was let go from the Saints practice squad on Election Day.  He is staying pos­itive after talking to the coaches about his future.  Hixson is pretty certain of his prospects with the team.

Though Hixson is dis­ap­pointed with the results of the election, he is glad he made the effort to discuss America’s future with his team­mates.

“I don’t know if I changed anyone’s views, I don’t know if I changed anyone’s vote, but I def­i­nitely made them think about it.”