do not support Greek Unity Week. I am a member of a sorority and I have respect for each house. I do not have a deep-seated hatred for the other houses on campus. Instead, I think attempting to force orga­nized unity is mis­guided and des­tined for failure.

Greek Unity Week, created by the Pan­hel­lenic Council and the Inter­fra­ternity Council, intends to make a statement on campus by wearing matching outfits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. The goal is less ani­mosity among the houses and an appre­ci­ation for the impact Greeks have on campus.

My sorority has been an essential part of my college expe­rience, and everyone should at least con­sider going Greek. Having soror­ities and fra­ter­nities on campus is a pos­itive part of Hillsdale’s identity.

Greek Unity Week reflects poorly on the system because it will not foster any true unity. No one thinks that wearing the same thing for three days will make Greeks forget the dif­fer­ences among the houses. Instead of solving the problem, this week seems to imply that there is a problem. I have found that the fra­ter­nities and soror­ities gen­erally get along and are flourising.

Joining a sorority or fra­ternity, however, is not a statement of sup­porting the Greek system as a whole. Choosing a house means sup­porting the overall char­acter and mission of that house. It is a decision to asso­ciate oneself with a certain set of people on Hillsdale’s campus. You prefer one house over the others for a reason.

Each house has an indi­vidual identity. Although the houses overlap in char­acter, no one wants to merge together to create one fra­ternity and one sorority on campus. Through each house acting in its own interest to improve itself, the system is strengthened as a whole. Greek unity comes nat­u­rally from each house respecting the others, and does not need to be encouraged arti­fi­cially.

Greek unity can grow on an indi­vidual basis. Making friends outside of one’s house will foster an appre­ci­ation and respect for other Greek orga­ni­za­tions. But the movement should begin at the lowest level.

A little bit of com­pe­tition is a healthy thing. My sorority did not win the Schol­arship Cup last semester, and this has chal­lenged us to work harder. The strength of the other two houses chal­lenges us to better our­selves.

No one in the Greek system wants another house to leave campus. If one house is in jeopardy, the others want to help it recover. Last year when Delta Sigma Phi Fra­ternity faced troubles, every house sup­ported its reform efforts. Greeks want to see the system con­tinue.

Greek Unity Week is well-inten­tioned and I commend the efforts of the Pan­hel­lenic Council and IFC to encourage good rela­tions. With a little work, Hillsdale can con­tinue to improve its thriving Greek system.