The Hillsdale College Debate Team swept the tour­nament Nov. 10 and 11 at Bowling Green Uni­versity, taking first place in every event, including Overall Sweep­stakes on the second day.

Along with winning the Overall Sweep­stakes, senior Bryan Brooks and junior Lauren Holt won Par­lia­mentary on the first day; junior Harris Wells won Lincoln-Douglas; Freshmen Bri Hearn and Kevin Ambrose made it to the semi-finals in Par­lia­mentary; and senior Andrew Dykstal won the Indi­vidual Par­lia­mentary event.

On Sat­urday, Hillsdale’s three Par­lia­mentary teams faced their in-region rivals, Grove City College, in an event that Grove City has dom­i­nated for years.

“All of our teams per­formed very well against them,” Brooks said, “and Lauren and I were able to take down Grove City, who is the regional champion of Pi Kappa Delta debate.”

The tour­nament also proved the value and mettle of the newer members of the team, Hearn said.

“This is Kevin and my second time debating Par­lia­mentary style, and we are very happy with our improvement and progress and super happy about making it to semis,” Hearn said.

Hearn thanked and credited the team cap­tains and the team’s coach, pro­fessor of speech Matthew Dogget, for the team’s per­for­mance.

This tour­nament has given much con­fi­dence to the team for the rest of the season, Ambrose said, espe­cially looking forward to the spring Pi Kappa Delta Debate.

“Us making it to the semi-finals in the Par­lia­mentary tour­nament is a really strong indi­cator for how we will be about to do at the Pi Kappa Delta tour­nament,” Ambrose said. “We are really looking forward to com­peting against national teams at the most important tour­nament of the year.”

The team will be heading to Ohio for two back-to-back swing tour­na­ments at Ohio State Uni­versity and Otterbein Uni­versity on Nov. 30 and 31, respec­tively.