Almost 90 percent of Hillsdale College stu­dents plan to vote for GOP can­didate Mitt Romney in the upcoming election, according to a poll con­ducted by The Col­legian, but less than half of them are happy about it.

One user’s comment on The Col­legian poll summed up what seemed to be a general sen­timent:

“I’d rather give Romney a chance than Obama a second one.”

About 8 percent of stu­dents said they support Lib­er­tarian Party can­didate Gary Johnson, with just under 3 percent voting for Pres­ident Barack Obama.

College Democrats pres­ident junior Mason Stuard was enthu­si­astic about Obama when he was elected but said the pres­ident has let his sup­porters down in the last four years.

“We had so many hopes from the pres­ident, and he’s not ushered in a new era of pol­itics,” Stuard said. “He’s con­tinued to further the divi­siveness and the breakdown of the American system by making the extremes more noticeable in each party. Even­tually the teeter-totter is going to snap.”

But he said he is not thrilled about the other end of that teeter-totter, either.

“Both sides put up awful can­di­dates,” he said. “There is a case for Pres­ident Obama, and there is a case for Gov­ernor Romney, but neither is very com­pelling.”

Eco­nomic growth was the top issue for Hillsdale student voters at 40.2 percent. Moral and reli­gious issues were second, at 32.7 percent. Some of those did not fit into the typical box, however. One com­menter responded:

“Social issues, but not in respect to ‘moral decline.’ As in, I’m pro-choice, pro-gay mar­riage, and pro-widely available birth control, for example. This would be my No. 1, except that I will not vote for Obama, so the budget became my fall-back No.1.”

Of the 387 respon­dents, 30 respon­dents who picked a can­didate in the poll said they support Lib­er­tarian Gary Johnson.

“Johnson has good ideas of how gov­ern­ments really work and what gov­ernment really is,” said junior Schuyler Dugle, who said he does not plan on voting in the upcoming election. “I think it’s important for third parties to get enough votes so that we can actually change gov­ernment, both through changing people’s opinions and through actual elected offi­cials.”

A few of those polled said that Romney’s recruitment of Rep. Paul Ryan to his ticket encouraged them to vote for the former gov­ernor.