The first meeting of the new running club will be held on Monday, Oct. 22, at 3:15 p.m. The club is another addition to what Pro­fessor of Sports Studies Bill Lundberg hopes will be an increase in activity at Hayden Park.

“It’s a great site. It’s a beau­tiful and natural plot of land that we designed a cross country course on two years ago,” Lundberg said. “Designing that course was exciting. There hadn’t been any­thing there before.”

The park was ded­i­cated on Oct. 7 of last year during home­coming. In addition to the three running routes of varying lengths, it is now also home to a mountain bike trail with eight bikes and helmets available to rent at the club­house. In the winter, stu­dents and faculty can use the trails for cross-country skiing.

“We try to do any­thing that we can to promote a beau­tiful setting of facil­ities that are a little bit, but not too far, removed from the campus. We’re just up the hill another way,” Lundberg said.

Lundberg said he feels blessed to be able to pursue his lifelong passion of “care for the heart, mind, and soul.” He has always enjoyed cardio workouts and began running his senior year of high school. After par­tic­i­pating in two Olympic trials and serving the sports department at Hillsdale since 1985, Lundberg hopes to pass his excitement on to stu­dents and staff by way of increased activ­ities in Hayden Park.

When he retired from the position of head coach of the cross country team, Lundberg was able to focus on teaching and being the director of activ­ities for Hayden Park.

His hope is that the park can become a place for both staff and stu­dents to build rela­tion­ships outside of the classroom. The running club pro­vides this oppor­tunity, involving walkers, joggers, and runners that can choose how far they wish to go in their exercise.

The group will meet every Monday and Wednesday at 3:15 p.m., all runs beginning at the Hayden Park Club­house. Lundberg is more than happy to answer any ques­tions about the new club or the park in general.