Daniel York, pro­fessor of biology, sold his house to Hillsdale College. The admin­is­tration plans to allow Delta Tau Delta fra­ternity to use the building as a tem­porary chapter house.

Since it was rechar­tered on campus in 2009, DTD has planned to find a chapter house, DTD Pres­ident Scott Rode said. The fra­ternity is excited to have their own space to hold meetings and events.

“It won’t be the Delt house forever, but it’s a building block for us,” Rode said. “The house is a great first step.”

Dean of Men Aaron Petersen stressed that the York house will not be DTD’s per­manent house.

“The York house is a tem­porary shelter for the Delts until further notice. There is no mar­riage to that house,” he said. “It is just a better place to hold meetings in.”

The house will follow the college’s alcohol policy and be dry, Petersen said.

DTD plans to use the house for a variety of func­tions besides meetings. Three of the fraternity’s men will live in the house. DTD will use the house to hold their annual events including Delts­giving and Deltmas. The house will also serve as a “great place where alumni can come home,” Rode said.

The York house is located at Fayette Street in the lot next to the Sigma Chi fra­ternity house.

“The house is perfect for a fra­ternity,” York said. “Location, location, location. We will finally have a proper fra­ternity row.”

York will move out in the next few weeks, and DTD hopes to move into the house in the 2013 spring semester. The house needs some cos­metic improvement but is oth­erwise ready for DTD, York said.

For the past 13 years, York has made his house a popular location for stu­dents. In the back of the house York himself built a pub, including a bar and patio, col­lo­quially called “the Porch.” On the weekends, York would open his house for stu­dents of age to come and drink.

In his new house across town on Indiana Court, York will not con­tinue to host stu­dents on a regular basis.

“The Porch has been an insti­tution at Hillsdale for 10 years, but it’s time for it to come to a close,” he said.

The York house was built in 1874, and com­pleted in 1876 by Hillsdale’s first sec­retary of the treasury. Then, in 1902, the college planned to use the house for the pres­ident. The pres­ident at the time, Joseph Mauck, however, pre­ferred the Sun­crest House, which is now the Alpha Tau Omega House. He promptly moved in.

From the 1940s to the 1960s, the York house was the Hill­crest Rest Home. These res­i­dents left their mark on the house, and now it is cur­rently inhabited by one of their ghosts, York said.

“The Delts will never be alone,” he said with a smile.

Although the fra­ternity will have achieved their goal of getting a house in the spring, they intend to con­tinue fundraising to build their own house. Regardless, they look forward to the pos­si­bil­ities that the house holds.

“We are really excited for this oppor­tunity, and we are com­mitted to the mission of the college,” Rode said. “We hope to enhance that through our orga­ni­zation.”