The Firearms Club, pre­vi­ously known as the Shotgun Club, is making changes this year to make club lead­ership stronger and the club more orga­nized.

“We need stronger orga­ni­zation this year to be able to reach out to more stu­dents who want to have fun and gain expe­rience shooting in a com­fortable setting,”  said sophomore Matteo Moran.

The club changed its name to include dif­ferent types of shooters. The club will not only offer shotgun shooters to join them on their trips to the shooting range, but also those wanting to shoot pistols and rifles as well, Moran said.

Senior Blake Scott ini­tiated the club overhaul last semester.  Scott appointed Moran, sophomore Joseph Kain, and sophomore Jason Van De Weghe to take charge this semester while he studies abroad.

“Blake wanted leaders that would be able to con­tinue growing and pro­moting the club,” Moran said, “and making it a bigger part of campus.”

The firearms club will organize trips to the shooting range as well as give instruction on basic safety and shooting.

“Basi­cally we want more casual shooters to have the oppor­tunity to come see the facility and become better acquainted with shooting in a casual setting,” Moran said.

The shotgun team will be heavily involved in the club.

“The firearms club will, in a way, revolve around the shotgun team,” Kain said, “The shotgun team will help teach others shooting.  Also, the club will act as a feeder program – the kids who do well in the club will join the team. This has hap­pened with two stu­dents so far.”

Moran said their first weekend trip to the shooting range will be after the Con­sti­tution Day shoot scheduled for Sept 22.