The charm of campus life was too sat­is­fying for Amanda Bigney ‘11 to simply leave behind after grad­u­ation. This summer, Bigney, a graduate of Hillsdale College, was hired to replace out­going Student Activ­ities Director Kevin Boyle.

As the new director, Bigney oversees the daily oper­a­tions of Grewcock Student Union, the Spirit Club, men and women’s res­i­dence life, Student Fed­er­ation, The Source, ori­en­tation, student mentors, and the Student Activ­ities Board, as well as the seven SAB parties hosted annually.

Bigney was told of the opening position in Feb­ruary, and she was encouraged by several people to apply. She was hired a few weeks later.

Senior Wesley Steeb, GOAL program director, said Bigney brings “great orga­ni­za­tional and cre­ative skills” to events she orga­nizes.

“Amanda brings a lot of enthu­siasm to her job,” Steeb said, “and her per­son­ality and vibrancy are bringing a ton to the student activ­ities office atmos­phere.”

Hailing from Cedar Springs, Mich., Bigney grad­uated from Hillsdale in 2011. She majored in art and decided to spend an initial period after grad­u­ation living close to campus.

“I didn’t have a con­crete plan after college,” Bigney said. “But I knew I wanted to stay around campus for a while.”

Bigney was hired to a part-time post as an art instructor at Hillsdale Academy for the 2011 – 2012 school year.

“Staying in Hillsdale I knew I could find a job and gain some more expe­rience.”

With little time to settle into her new job with the college, Bigney quickly learned the fast-paced nature of the job.

“Ori­en­tation was the first big chal­lenge,” Bigney said. “The first week of the semester, however, was def­i­nitely the hardest.”

Between The Source and the Welcome Party, Bigney had her work cut out for her.

“I was getting lit­erally hun­dreds of emails a day at one point,” Bigney said. “It can be a mad rush some­times.”

But Bigney is con­fident her early work has turned out well.

“People have been very reas­suring,” Bigney said. “I had people come up to me after the Welcome Party saying it was the best one yet. We had a bigger tent this year which worked better for the band and allowed people space to mingle.”

Senior Marissa Philipp, director of SAB, said working with Bigney has been a joy.

“She is always so enthu­si­astic and willing to help out,” she said. “Her cre­ativity and pos­itive energy have already spread all over campus. We get along really well and I am looking forward to working with her throughout this year.”

From the beginning, Bigney has had to deal with some pre­con­ceived notions about what she does.

She said the hardest part of the job is jug­gling so many events at once, but that her per­son­ality is “suited to the fast-paced atmos­phere.”

Bigney, a veteran of the school’s vol­leyball team, keeps in touch with old acquain­tances.

“I go into SAGA some­times and its feels pretty weird to not be a student anymore,”  Bigney said. “For­tu­nately there are a lot of grad­uates working around campus that are my age.

Looking toward the coming year, Bigney wants to make student feel more welcome and involved.

“We try to fit every interest,” Bigney said. “The [student] union should be a place where stu­dents feel com­fortable.”

Overall, Bigney appears quite content with her new respon­si­bility.

“It’s a good well rounded job,” Bigney said. “I’m never bored.”