Dear fellow seniors,

Well here we are. It’s April of our senior year, which means it’s time for sappy, sentimental reminiscing over all the fun we’ve had over the past four short years. Or perhaps it’s the perfect time to completely panic about the fact that you have no idea what you’re going to do on May 13th. Or maybe you’re lamenting the fact that you failed in your quest to find that special someone before graduation. Ring by spring, MRS degree, blah blah blah… The stress never ends.

But what we should really be excited about, what we should actually be focusing all of our attention on, is something else. There is a lovely, heavenly, magical day approaching. It may not be the same day for all of us, but I believe we’ll all experience the same strange, unfamiliar feeling: blind relief. A day soon approaches when we will turn in our very last paper or finish our very last exam, whichever comes last. That day, rather than ending our lovely days of contemplation and intense study, begins our life of leisure. True leisure. We’ll find time to read the books on our gigantic reading lists that we’ve compiled over the last few years that we never had time to read. We can have proper sleep schedules, and Saturday will be days of relaxation rather than frantic catch up days. And most importantly, we’ll have plenty of time to spend with our families and friends. And who knows, maybe we’ll miss Saga more than we think we will, especially sitting at big round tables surrounded by our friends. So be excited for our last month. And if you don’t have a fiancé yet, well, don’t lose hope! Keep trying.

  • Priscillla

    A word of warning: the school anxiety dreams never stop. Not within two years, anyhow.