Just two years after the opening of the Allan P. Kirby Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship in Wash­ington, D.C., Hillsdale College can now boast of a second acqui­sition on Capitol Hill.

A donor gave the college a row house last month for use as student housing for the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program.

In the past, most WHIP stu­dents lived in the Her­itage Foun­dation building across the street from the Kirby Center, or in other self-selected housing.

“Program members being so far apart made it dif­ficult for a sense of com­munity to form around the Kirby Center,” said Program Manager and Research Asso­ciate Anna Dunham. “Own­ership of the building will help keep Hillsdale stu­dents in contact with one another. The beau­tiful 112-year-old Vic­torian building was recently ren­o­vated by the pre­vious owners. For a time it func­tioned as a bed and breakfast. After that, the rooms were being rented out before we acquired it.”

The house, which is near the Kirby Center, has four sep­arate apart­ments and can hold between 12 and 20 WHIP stu­dents at a time.

“The living rooms for each apartment are quite large,” Dunham said. “There are also full kitchens.”

Hillsdale stu­dents were update about the new house. Sophomore Nick Allen plans on applying for WHIP this summer.

“I think it’s a smart move by the college,” said sophomore Nick Allen, who plans on applying for WHIP this summer. “It further assists the future of its stu­dents, which is in Hillsdale’s long-term interest.”

Stu­dents pre­vi­ously in WHIP expressed their support for the acqui­sition.

“Living at the Her­itage Foun­dation kept us from spending a lot of time at the Kirby Center,” said junior John Brooks. “It seems to me that the addition of this building will go further in making the Kirby Center into a small campus.”

As early as this summer, WHIP stu­dents will be enjoying the wireless internet, air con­di­tioning, new washers and dryers, and full fur­nishings fea­tured in the building. Rent will be $850 per month.

“There are several func­tions we hold at the Kirby Center for stu­dents,” Dunham said. “It will be easier for them to attend when they are so close.”

The house is close to Union Station and famous buildings like the Supreme Court, Library of Con­gress, and his­toric St. Joseph’s Church.

Nearly 30 Hillsdale stu­dents will be par­tic­i­pating in the WHIP program this summer. The WHIP program is still accepting appli­ca­tions for the summer and fall.