Internationally-acclaimed writer and pundit Mark Steyn spoke at Hillsdale College April 4 on America’s financial crisis and what he called the “Utopian Myopia” denial of the country’s federal deficit.

“We have not just outspent America, we have outspent the entire planet,” Steyn said.

Some 750 students, professors, and friends of the college attended the lecture in the George Roche Sports Complex Tuesday night.

Steyn spoke for 45 minutes to laughter, applause, and affirmative shouts.

His talk highlighted America’s national debt and  the entitlement thinking that contributed to it.  Paul Moreno,     associate professor of history, said the talk was beneficial for any  student of  United  States history since 1945.

“Few make so clear the suicidal nature of the entitlement state, and nobody does it with such wit,” Moreno said. “I loved it.”

Students and professors both said his points paired humor with policy observations that were as funny as they were earnest.

“Steyn was, as usual, a stitch, and, as usual, what he had to say was serious,” said Professor of History Paul Rahe. “As he pointed out, we cannot continue to live beyond our means. Either we get our act together (which will be painful) or we go down.”

Steyn directed many of his barbs at current president Barack Obama, and his profligate spending. He said Obama justified government spending by using a language of rights.

“In our world, it’s not a real human right unless someone else pays for it,” Steyn said.

Students who attended the talk said his section on the slew of “awareness-raising” efforts was especially funny. Steyn criticized recent diaper-awareness days across the country, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) who put forward a Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act last year.

“That ship has sailed,” Steyn said. “That diaper has filled.”

“At one point, I just lost it,” senior Catherine Sims said. “I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.”

Sims also said she was impressed by Steyn’s dynamic speaking style, as well as his references to literature and history.

“He was able to appeal to the mass of listeners while at the same time citing people like [Johann Wolfgang] Goethe and [Edward] Gibbon.”

  • Marvin Berteau

    Mark has that combination of high intelligence, down-to-earth knowledge of our goal for freedom and the wit to make his talks enjoyable even while giving us the warnings of the dire consequences of the paths we are following.

    • Giovanna Visconti

      Absolutely! Perfectly put.

  • paul g thurman

    Thank you for hosting Mark steyn. I love both Hilsdale and Mark steyn I love to read Imprimis and read marks blogs.
    I read something written by history Prof. Paul Rahe recently and it was great! However my memory fails me , and I cannot recall what it was , but it was great. ( I am almost 80 and forgetting comes with the territory!)
    Anyway,Hilsdale, keep doing what you do and I will pray for you!

  • Steyn is utterly unique, a brilliant social philosopher with the wit of a top-flight stand-up comic.

    Doubtless he’ll soon be the subject of endless IRS audits, charges of incitement to riot, commit treason, and endangering American security.

  • Franca

    It’s because of real common sense people like Mark Steyn that we should be thankful for telling the truth and talking about real issues that he’s not afraid of . This is whats going to save humankind and from not turning our children from being 2nd class citizens in our own country thanks to muslim immigration.