Inter­na­tionally-acclaimed writer and pundit Mark Steyn spoke at Hillsdale College April 4 on America’s financial crisis and what he called the “Utopian Myopia” denial of the country’s federal deficit.

“We have not just out­spent America, we have out­spent the entire planet,” Steyn said.

Some 750 stu­dents, pro­fessors, and friends of the college attended the lecture in the George Roche Sports Complex Tuesday night.

Steyn spoke for 45 minutes to laughter, applause, and affir­mative shouts.

His talk high­lighted America’s national debt and  the enti­tlement thinking that con­tributed to it.  Paul Moreno,     asso­ciate pro­fessor of history, said the talk was ben­e­ficial for any  student of  United  States history since 1945.

“Few make so clear the sui­cidal nature of the enti­tlement state, and nobody does it with such wit,” Moreno said. “I loved it.”

Stu­dents and pro­fessors both said his points paired humor with policy obser­va­tions that were as funny as they were earnest.

“Steyn was, as usual, a stitch, and, as usual, what he had to say was serious,” said Pro­fessor of History Paul Rahe. “As he pointed out, we cannot con­tinue to live beyond our means. Either we get our act together (which will be painful) or we go down.”

Steyn directed many of his barbs at current pres­ident Barack Obama, and his prof­ligate spending. He said Obama jus­tified gov­ernment spending by using a lan­guage of rights.

“In our world, it’s not a real human right unless someone else pays for it,” Steyn said.

Stu­dents who attended the talk said his section on the slew of “awareness-raising” efforts was espe­cially funny. Steyn crit­i­cized recent diaper-awareness days across the country, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) who put forward a Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Eco­nomic Recovery Act last year.

“That ship has sailed,” Steyn said. “That diaper has filled.”

“At one point, I just lost it,” senior Catherine Sims said. “I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.”

Sims also said she was impressed by Steyn’s dynamic speaking style, as well as his ref­er­ences to lit­er­ature and history.

“He was able to appeal to the mass of lis­teners while at the same time citing people like [Johann Wolfgang] Goethe and [Edward] Gibbon.”

  • Marvin Berteau

    Mark has that com­bi­nation of high intel­li­gence, down-to-earth knowledge of our goal for freedom and the wit to make his talks enjoyable even while giving us the warnings of the dire con­se­quences of the paths we are fol­lowing.

    • Gio­vanna Vis­conti

      Absolutely! Per­fectly put.

  • paul g thurman

    Thank you for hosting Mark steyn. I love both Hilsdale and Mark steyn I love to read Imprimis and read marks blogs.
    I read some­thing written by history Prof. Paul Rahe recently and it was great! However my memory fails me , and I cannot recall what it was , but it was great. ( I am almost 80 and for­getting comes with the ter­ritory!)
    Anyway,Hilsdale, keep doing what you do and I will pray for you!

  • Steyn is utterly unique, a bril­liant social philosopher with the wit of a top-flight stand-up comic.

    Doubtless he’ll soon be the subject of endless IRS audits, charges of incitement to riot, commit treason, and endan­gering American security.

  • Franca

    It’s because of real common sense people like Mark Steyn that we should be thankful for telling the truth and talking about real issues that he’s not afraid of . This is whats going to save humankind and from not turning our children from being 2nd class cit­izens in our own country thanks to muslim immi­gration.