Dear Kate,

I’m dread­fully sick. I have been for about two weeks now. It just keeps coming back worse than before. First it was my left nostril. I couldn’t breathe and my left nostril ran all the time. Only the left. The right one was fine apart from being all stopped up. My head felt like it was going to explode. This week, my left nostril cleared and my right nostril began to give me problems. Also, my throat hurts hor­ribly and I’m pretty sure I could sleep for a week. I can’t skip class though because next week is Spring Break. I haven’t been able to finish my homework in some time now, and I have all sorts of projects and papers that I just haven’t been able to work on. What do I do? How do I manage all of my work and still get enough sleep?


Dread­fully Ill


Dear Ill,

That was dis­gusting. A+ for description and for grossing everybody out.

Sickness happens, unfor­tu­nately. It is the black plague for stu­dents. It can wipe you out for weeks and set you behind for the entire semester. First of all, when your mother tells you to take your vit­amins, TAKE THEM. I didn’t realize how important that was until this year. Everyone says take your vit­amins. But how could that little tiny chalky pale thing contain so much magic? I don’t know, ask a chemist. All I  know is that it does. So much magic. You eat it, you feel better, life is good. I don’t know. Also, who decided to name them “vit­amins”? Isn’t that a ridicu­lously strange thing to call them? Is there some secret Latin meaning for “vitamin”?

I’m getting side-tracked (turns out I’m a little sick myself.) SO! You’re dread­fully ill and you can’t do your homework because your head’s full of snot! That’s a big problem. Have you gone to Health Ser­vices? They’re so helpful over there. Lovely people. In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the vit­amins to take effect and you’re pro­cras­ti­nating about going to Health Ser­vices (be honest, everybody thinks they’ll mag­i­cally get better, because of the vit­amins, and they won’t have to go), you might as well be getting on with the homework the best you can. Whatever you do, though, don’t tell your teacher that you can’t take a test or some­thing because your sick and then let him catch you frol­icking around with your friends outside later the same day, or even the same week. It’s just not a good idea. It pro­vokes them and I’m not sure you’ve heard, but we really don’t want to provoke the pro­fessors. It’s bad news.

Ok, so there are some tips. They’re very hap­hazard on account of my brain being very fuzzy on account of all of the vit­amins I’ve been taking (I really hope my mom reads this one.) I hope everyone starts to feel better. Sleep a lot over break. That’s what breaks are for. But make sure you catch up on your work too. That, unfor­tu­nately, is also what breaks are for. Ta!