Monthly Archives: March 2012

Students triumph in conference selection

For 37 years, the DePauw Undergraduate Honors Conference in Communication and Theater has been gathering students of extraordinary talent to its campus for a conference. For the first time in its seven years competing, 100 percent of the Hillsdale applicants were accepted. Out of only 36 students chosen for the entire conference, Hillsdale accounts for five this year.

In focus: Remembering moments of Oscars passed

When I locked the front doors to the old Dawn Theatre in Hillsdale on March 29, 1982,  I hoped I had remembered to do...

The Oscars are in decline

39.3 million. That’s the number of people who tuned in to watch ABC’s broadcast of the 84th Academy Awards on Feb. 26. Two weeks ago, the Grammys captivated 39.9 million, making history by beating out the Oscars for the first time.

The final act

Senior Caitlyn Hubbard reflects on her journey as an actress while preparing for her final role with the Tower Players.

Hillsdale voters choose new city clerk

The city of Hillsdale hasn’t had a permanent city clerk since November of 2011.