Dear Rick,

We are trying to under­stand why you decided to ditch Hillsdale College on Feb. 20 and instead spoke at Hope College in Holland, Mich.

It’s not easy running for pres­ident — no one can be in two places at once or please everyone.

But you were the one who promised to come here.

A group of ded­i­cated stu­dents neglected their schoolwork and com­mitted untold hours to making your visit pos­sible. The college spent money for what would have been a big event, and invited people around the region to attend. The Col­legian even broke the story of your visit on its spiffy new website.

Then you can­celed.

Some would say that you Rick­rolled us.

So much time and effort was wasted — books not read, papers not written, naps not taken. The college lost money, too. To prepare for your appearance, the admin­is­tration began renting equipment. It looks like about $4,000 won’t ever be recovered.

That could have helped a finan­cially dis­tressed student pay for tuition. Perhaps the college should create a new schol­arship fund worth $4,000. Let’s call it the “Rick San­torum Dis­ap­pointment Schol­arship.”

Then again, the recipient probably wouldn’t show up to collect.

Appar­ently you had some­thing better to do on Feb. 20. Maybe you sat­isfied a life-long dream of seeing the greater Grand Rapids area. We hope you were charmed by Hope’s cute Dutch kitsch –– they have a lot more tulips and wooden clogs there than we do. We under­stand the appeal.

One last question though: Was it worth speaking to those 750 attendees? We had 2,000 people ready, so you must have been going for quality over quantity. Hope that works out for you at the polls.

Even then, we’re con­fused. If you are elected pres­ident, you will have to swear an oath to the Con­sti­tution. Every student here takes a whole course on this doc­ument. We’re one of the only insti­tu­tions of higher learning with such a requirement.

We wanted to hear you talk about your com­mitment to it.

But you stood us up.

So, good luck on Feb. 28. Let us know if you’re ever in the area again.

Just kidding.