It is no coin­ci­dence that nov­elist Tom Grace is debuting his latest novel at Hillsdale College, where his story takes place.

Grace will release “The Liberty Intrigue,” Monday night in the Her­itage Room at 8 p.m.

In fact, the book’s pro­tag­onist starts a book tour of his own: at Hillsdale.

“It was just too good to pass up the chance to launch at Hillsdale,”

he said. “The pro­tag­onist of the novel is a Michigan guy, and his wifewas a Hillsdale graduate. It just seemed to fit.”

He said the date of the launch — Feb. 6 — was also inten­tional, as it falls on Ronald Reagan’s 101 birthday.

Grace said the book is political thriller inspired by answering a single question: how can a con­ser­v­ative can­didate beat a liberal incumbent pres­ident such as Barack Obama.

“Obama is a great cam­paigner with media and popular culture backing, a billion dollars to play with in a war chest, and a remarkable ability give speeches,” he said. “How do you beat a can­didate like that?”

He said he answers the question by fol­lowing the con­tours of a pres­i­dential cam­paign waged by an engineer from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Ross Egan. Thrust into the political spot­light for his actions in an inter­na­tional crisis in West Africa, Egan begins an unorthodox quest for the White House.

Egan also advo­cates the Aus­trian eco­nomic policies his wife learned while studying at Hillsdale, Grace said.

He said he wrote the book to reach the market of 40 percent of Amer­icans who self-identify as con­ser­v­a­tives.

“Atlas shrugged is pretty much the only con­ser­v­ative book we have, and thats 50 years old,” he said.

The “Liberty Intrigue” is Grace’s sixth book. He has been pub­lished in 25 coun­tries, eight lan­guages, and is rec­og­nized by The Asso­ciated Press as a “number one inter­na­tional best-selling author,” he said.